Trusted clinically proven ingredients, sourced straight from nature.


Pure Science herbals include clinically-tested ingredients in researched amounts to ensure effective support.

On Trend

Created specifically to address current and emerging vertical market and consumer trends for condition specific herbs.

Pure Joint

A powerful, fast-acting blend of scientifically-studied herbs that promote joint comfort in as few as seven days.


+ Chinese skullcap
+ Heartwood
+ Boswellia



  • Clinically-tested herbal ingredients for supporting a broad range of joint specific benefits.
  • Features AprèsFlex®, a scientifically studied Boswellia serrata extract shown to promote joint comfort in as few as 7 days.
  • Targets joint flexibility and helps reduce age related cartilage breakdown.

Kimmie · 10 months ago
Great for lower back pain!
I received a free sample of this product
I was born with issues in my lower back.
These supplements helped promote
joint comfort and flexibility in a week.

Pure Weight

Clinically-studied herbal ingredients support a healthy metabolism and weight management when paired with a healthy diet and exercise.



+ Red pepper extract
+ Ashwagandha
+ Green tea extract
+ Green coffee bean

  • Supports healthy metabolism and weight management in combination with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.
  • Capsimax® capsaicin extract, green tea extract and caffeine support thermogenesis and reduced calorie consumption.
  • Features Sensoril® ashwaghanda to support a healthy response to stress.

Pure Energy

Enjoy all-day energy and sharpened concentration without the jitters! This synergistic blend of adaptogens, herbs and botanicals promotes positive mood and fights stress and daily fatigue.



+ Rhodiola rosea
+ Green tea extract
+ Green coffee

  • Provides a quick and balanced energy boost to enhance attention and concentration.
  • With L-theanine to support balanced energy.
  • Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen that helps support a healthy stress response.

Bradley Latson · June 16, 2019
Effective and predictable work booster
Never taken caffeine pills before and got
a small bottle from my wife to try as she knew
I would drink coffee in the afternoon to power
through the end of the day. This is far better
than coffee because the dosing is predictable
and its combined with theanine and rhodiola which
have complementary effects. I found these pills
give me heightened awareness and ability to focus
and persist on tasks in the afternoon or even mid morning

Pure Brainpower

Keep your mind sharp with this clinically-researched herbal blend that supports vital neurotransmitters linked to healthy cognitive function, focus and blood flow to your brain.



+ Bacopa
+ Ginkgo biloba
+ Coffee fruit

  • Promotes a broad spectrum of benefits for
    overall cognitive health.
  • Supports cognitive function, memory and overall brain health while supporting key neurotransmitters and blood flow to the brain.

Susan · 5 months ago
Excellent results
My husband and I both are using this
product and I have seen improvement in both
of our memory skills.

Pure Blood Sugar

Target healthy blood glucose levels already within the normal range with herbs clinically-shown to support healthy insulin production and effective insulin use by the body.



+ Moringa leaves
+ Berberine HCl
+ Gymnema sylvestre

  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels
    already within the normal range.
  • Helps your body use insulin more effectively
    & may support healthy insulin production.

Woodsfairy22 · 25 days ago
Good stuff
This is my second order for this product
What I find most interesting is that it seems to
keep me from feeling so hungry all the time.
In addition I'm losing weight at a slow but steady
pace and I attribute this in part to this supplement.
I will continue using this!!

Pure Heart

Keep your heart healthy with clinically-studied herbal ingredients for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range, promoting healthy heart function and boosting circulation.



+ Resveratrol
+ Policosanol
+ Grape seed

  • Promotes cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and circulatory health with scientifically-studied doses of three powerful herbs.
  • Heart-healthy resveratrol from grape seed extract boosts antioxidant activity in the body to help neutralize free radicals.

Tlcooper · 7 months ago
Great Herb!
I bought this a few weeks ago after
reading what the Hawthorn berry Herb is good
for and started using it right away! I feel
more capacity to exercise and feel this is helping me!
Thank you Swanson for such great
prices and prompt delivery!

Pure Vitality For Woman

Nurturing optimal daily wellness is important for women at every age. That’s why we created Pure Vitality for Women. This unique formula supports 3 essential areas of women’s health—stress support, sexual health and urinary health—with science-backed herbal ingredients sourced from nature.



+ Maca root extract
+ Ashwagandha sensoril
+ Cranberry Extract

  • Maca root supports libido and sexual health for women.
  • Sensoril® ashwagandha helps the body adapt to stress-induced physiological changes that result in fatigue and tension.
  • Cranberry concentrate supports healthy urinary tract function.