Customer Stories

With 3 million active customers globally we get lots of feedback.
Please read below to hear what they have to say about the Swanson Health range.
Pure Joint

“Feel good

“I am glad that I decided to give this a try. I used to have stiff joint especially in the mornings when I first get up. Now, I have better movement, hardly no stiffness at all and that’s no lie. I would buy it again.”

Vision Defense

Good so far as I can tell

“My eyes seem to be less irritated. I spend numerous hrs on a computer which causes much eyestrain. This product is a little pricey but my eyes are worth it.”

Vision Defense

“Happy to Have Found This Product

“We are happy to have found this product and won’t be going without it. We let our friends know of results of Vision Defense. We have trusted and used Swanson products for many years.”

Real Food Multi

“Very informative

“This is the first multi vitamin that I am able to take at any time during the day.”

Tom O’Brien
Real Food Niacin

“Organic is the best

“Love it, love that it’s from organic holy basil and that the other ingredients are organic. Very gentle. Take one to start and work your way up.”

Brenda Jones
Pure Energy

“Great energy with no side effects”

“My doctor told me to take L-Theanine along with some form of caffeine for energy and mood. I tried taking the powder out of the L-Theanine capsule and taking a caffeine supplement but that required more work than I had time for or would remember to do. I found this supplement and take 2 in the AM. It has a noticeable energy lifter and I feel good on it.”

Real Food K-2

“Best K-2

“I started on Swanson Real Food K-2 1 year ago and take it to improve bone strength. I am so happy with this high quality product.”

Real Food K-2


“I’ve taken Vitamin K2 as a catalyst along with my nutritional supplement program for many decades. I found this 200 mcg. product among Swanson‘s listings. I like this higher potency version. I take one capsule each night along with my Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D3, and EFAs (all of which I obtain from Swanson). I feel the Vitamin K2 is very important. Works for me.”